Flowers in Provence

When we look at iconic Provence pictures, we usually notice lavender, olive trees and grape vines. The patterns of our linens often reflect these elements - for example Olive Branch  


or Lavender Blossoms.  

 It is so easy to forget Provence is rich with all sorts of flowers.  Grasse was the perfume capital of the world, largely because of its easy access to roses and jasmine as well as lavender.  Roses in particular flourish under the hot sun and the cool nights of Provence during spring.  Our experience at the delightful Clos des Roses illustrated that fragrantly!  

Clos des Roses is a charming hotel near Frejus, in addition to being a vineyard, and a lovely restaurant.  Very close to Cannes, Frejus is a good place to visit.  And starting with lunch at Clos des Roses is even better. 

(Yes, that napkin is a bit dull for our taste!) Enjoying the vineyard's own rosé makes for the perfect Provence outing. Leaving the restaurant, we were treated to a walk through the rose garden of the domain, and the flowers were in full bloom. 

Vineyard, hilly country, a gnarled olive tree or two, and a profusion of roses: Provence at its best!

 The flower of June is the rose, and we have a new arrival in our Arles collection which depicts wild roses in the center patterns.  We have this design in cobalt blue, fuchsia, red, and now in turquoise.  The turquoise model  is a spectacular color combination, and perfect for any June meal.  This should be available for sale by early next week - just in time to greet the rose month, June.

We mixed it on our setting at the beach with a fuchsia Arles napkin.  It works gorgeously.

Hello, June!  You could well be a favorite month for easy casual meals with well-chilled rosé wines and perfect roses.


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